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    • Hi , i'm RnB Presenting a Navigate in Manic Guide! So if you look at these screenshots you can see it is very simple ways we provide to navigate in the game in the forums or discord.  
    • Hi , i'm RnB Presenting Money Making Guide So Let's begin this tutorial in easy explanation - all you need is to seek events on going egz: crashed star , you can mine it with lvl 1 why is important you think?  simple answer while you mine it there is a chance receive random amounts of bill tickets. Notice: Voting event , lucky imp , world boss or golden tickets events also makes you get a lot of bills. ( also you will mine it automaticly after one click)
    • If you are an old player returning first start off by joining our discord. https://discord.gg/UwdUYCW Once that's done and your apart of the discord channel, navigate to Getting Started then "#old-charfiles" Simply follow the submitting form and you will be reinstated within less then 48 hrs. Thanks, Manic Team  
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