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    Rule 1: Trust, Honor, Respect Trust: To be honest with your fellow members. Never deceiving and always believing a Manic member above all others. We are not just a server, we are a family. Honor: To always harbor good feelings and uplifting behavior towards each other. We are here to bring you up, not take you down. Respect: To accept your fellow members for who they are and abide by their personal rules. If someone doesn't want to be treated a certain way, then respect them and don't do it. Examples: Flaming, Scamming Failing to adhere to these rules may result in being muted. Rule 2: No Discrimination Race, creed, religious believes, gender, sexual orientation, etc shall not be the topic of jokes, cruel remarks or insults. Disrespect of any kind in this matter is an immediate mute, repeat offences could lead to a possible ban. Rule 3: Lying & Cheating Honesty is pretty self explanatory. Don't do or say anything that even comes close to being considered as lying or cheating in game, or in the forums. Rule 4: No Disrespect Towards Staff This is a major NO NO. If you disrespect any appointed high ranking officer of Manic, you will be dealt with in a manner more severe than rule breaking. This could lead to possible muting/banning. Rule 5: Promoting Servers Do not promote any other server here in Manic. Doing so will lead to an immediate mute or ban of the account. Rule 6: CC Chat Respect should be shown to all members of the help CC. Fights, arguments and flaming are not permitted in the help CC. If you have issues with another player, bring it to the attention of staff, or put the player on your ignore list to prevent conflict. Failure to follow this rule may lead to a kick from the CC or a possible mute. Rule 7: Links Sending or linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harm-ware will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Rule 8: Posting Only appropriate information shall be posted online. Revealing information such as account login details may lead to a mute or ban of the account. Rule 9: Lending Items to Players When you lend an item to a player, take a screenshot or video for proof of the lend. If you have been scammed of a lent item, send your proof to the staff team. If you scam a player of a lent item, you may be jailed or banned. Return what isn't yours. Rule 10: Scamming Successful and attempted scams will lead to an immediate ban from the server. If you are ever scammed, you will only receive a refund if you have media proof of the scam such as a screenshot or a video. Rule 11: Autoing, Macros & Bots Any form of autoing will have consequences for your account. Botting, Macroing, Autoclicking are all prohibited and will get you banned. The only exception to this rule is that an auto clicker may be used for opening boxes and chests. Rule 12: RWT (Real World Trading) Manic items shall not be traded for any items outside of Manic. Some examples would include trading items for real world currencies, or trading items on this server for another server. Asking to RWT will result in a mute or ban | Conducting RWT will result in an immediate ban. Rule 13: Giveaways Only staff and Youtubers are permitted to conduct giveaways. If you wish to conduct a giveaway, contact the staff team prior or you may be jailed or banned. Rule 14: Begging Do not beg other players for items. This is prohibited in the CC, public chat, yell and private message. If you are found to be begging, you may be muted. Just don't do it, it's annoying. Rule 15: Evading Punishment Dodging your punishments such as mutes, jails or bans will result in your punishment being doubled as a minimum. Continuing to evade your punishment may escalate it to a more severe penalty. Using another account will be considered evasion. Rule 16: Giving Away Accounts Absolutely no giving away or selling of accounts. This falls under rules 13 and 14. Any account that is found to be given away may be banned. Rule 17: Gambling Manic is currently a gamble free server. Since gambling is not officially supported, we ask you to not find ways to gamble other players. If you are found to be gambling, you may be jailed or banned. If you are found to be asking for gambling, you may be muted.
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    I attempt to login to the game but the client freezes the moment I click to log-in and nothing happens. Please help, thank you.
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    Dig Bick (YM Eliastofar on discord) I am a gamer from Canada (UTC -4 EDT) I have always been a hardcore gamer, playing xbox, ps4, pc and pretty much every game. I have been playing RSPS for about 12years now and I have been playing Manic for the last 4 years. I’ve beta tested the new updated server with the help of many others. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? I never lasted so long on private server because I either got bored of found a new server to play so I never really thought about becoming part of an rsps staff team. But on Manic I feel like I am ready to try it. I Have always been active on this server, playing pretty much everyday for couple of hours and helping new and vet player. I like helping people out when they need it or simply chat with people on the server, I’m never aggressive or toxic and I get along with most people who play. It would be awesome to be staff then I know I got a job to do to help everybody out it would be nice to work with the team. If you guys have any question about my personal life or just wanna talk about ranodm stuff, feel free to pm me ingame or on the discord 🙂 Thanks for your time (PS : sorry for bad english, still learning)
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    This is epic, we have worked really hard to get to this stage! Thanks to everyone for having faith in Manic.
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