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  1. We should definitely bring back lending to this newly released server. It will give beginning and mid level players access to higher tier weapons and items. It will also create some cash flow or trade if some one wants to pay for an extended use. I don't really see the down side to having item lending and thought I would bring it up.
  2. I am not huge fan of the slot machine style to the store as it currently stands. While I have no problem with keeping these items in the store, I would like to see some items whether it be armor, runes, potions, an aura or possibly a pet that could actually be purchased with the tokens. You could even put the items that you could hypothetically get from the boxes like the baller store item chance box in the store to be purchased with the tokens. I understand this won't be the outcome because it would negatively effect the baller store purchases through donations. I would just like to see some cool end game to the cool idea that is already in place. Or in the event that things remain the same, could we see what the rates are for the boxes so that I can see what is the most efficient way to spend my tokens? :)
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