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  1. Dig Bick (YM Eliastofar on discord) I am a gamer from Canada (UTC -4 EDT) I have always been a hardcore gamer, playing xbox, ps4, pc and pretty much every game. I have been playing RSPS for about 12years now and I have been playing Manic for the last 4 years. I’ve beta tested the new updated server with the help of many others. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? I never lasted so long on private server because I either got bored of found a new server to play so I never really thought about becoming part of an rsps staff team. But on Manic I feel like I am ready to try it. I Have always been active on this server, playing pretty much everyday for couple of hours and helping new and vet player. I like helping people out when they need it or simply chat with people on the server, I’m never aggressive or toxic and I get along with most people who play. It would be awesome to be staff then I know I got a job to do to help everybody out it would be nice to work with the team. If you guys have any question about my personal life or just wanna talk about ranodm stuff, feel free to pm me ingame or on the discord 🙂 Thanks for your time (PS : sorry for bad english, still learning)
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