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[2020] Official Manic 2.0 Release

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Greetings Manic Community.

The long awaited release of Manic 2.0 has finally arrived! To give you a rundown of what has been done with the game, below we provide you some insight for this release.

To start off, this entire release was meant to promote a game with a proper economy and a game that has a proper tier system where the game offers content where you know where to start with your journey and you know how to progress your journey.

It should be known that an all new Player-Owned shops system was implemented. Player-Owned Shops are located within home bank. This easy buying and selling system is to make purchase and sales of items a process that does not involve headache and is easy to use.

To begin your path to Manic Success, some instruction is provided below.

🎇 To begin, type ::train
Kill 100 Penguins
Kill 50 Polar bears
Make sure to collect all dropped items as they jump start the path that is ahead of you.

🎇 After this, you should start 'Tiered PVM Tasks'
Go to quest tab, click the purple icon, click Tiered PVM Tasks
Complete each task to get an understanding of the different tiered monsters and their dropped items
If you're lucky within the 100 kills of the particular task, you might even be lucky enough to obtain weapons/armour


✔️ Every boss has a tiered loot box when opened, it has a chance to yield bill tickets being the main currency that is traded within Manic
✔️ Resources from the majority of boss drop tables are a form of wealth that can also be traded and has a value attached to it
✔️ Armours, weapons, accessories, & pets are also dropped by bosses for you to use for yourself or to sell to others
✔️ Slayer is a skill that plays a vital role for you to advance within the game, provides money along the way, and you are rewarded points for each completed task to be spent on even more rewards
✔️ For more details on bosses and what they drop, head on over to the quest tab, click the purple icon and click 'View Drop Table'


✔️ By doing ::vote you not only help grow the community, but you can also gather vote tickets to be used at the voting shop to obtain prizes
✔️ Logging in every 12 hours gives loyalty points where you can easily spend these points for prizes just as easily as they were rewarded to you
✔️ Logging in every day gives you daily rewards and not only that, on the 7th day of showing persistence, you get a gift from us


✔️ The fountain of goodwill provides XP Boost, Damage Output boost, & Drop-rate Boost to the entire server when you put bill tickets into it
✔️ The 'Teleportation Icon' to the bottom left-hand side of the minimap not only provides bosses to fight, cities to visit, skills to train, but it also offers minigames
✔️ Group minigames are one of the many good methods of using a team to progress your gains and earnings faster within Manic
✔️ We have group slayer in Manic which allows you and a team to work for group slayer tokens which when exchanged at the Group Slayer Master provide some of the strongest & most powerful rewards available
✔️ After a certain duration of time pass, global events which sometimes require competing with your fellow players or working with them can yield a quick reward to provide faster gains
✔️ If you are more part of the gambling crowd, you should check out the ::gamble zone and have a gander at our different gambling minigames
✔️ If you are into having that winner mentality, don't hesitate to check out our leaderboards within the home bank



✔️ Thieving is one of the most basic skills and also fundamental for beginners to even advance players to profit faster. If you are new or even if you are not new, if you are looking to make increases in your wealth head over to the Thieving stalls located just north-west of the ::home bank and start clicking the stalls.

✔️ If you are looking to gather resources and make quick money, head on over to the hunter zone and don't forget to bring a butterfly net as well as butterfly jars

✔️ Bones are obtainable through bosses that drop 'tiered loot boxes'
✔️ Leveling up prayer consists of burying bones or using bones on the prayer altar at home to provide XP
✔️ New prayer scrolls being the 'Dexterous prayer scroll' and the 'Arcane prayer scroll'  are available via the achievement store
✔️ If you want to unlock the new soul-split and turmoil prayers they are available for purchase via Baller Store or Donator Shop
✔️ Bones can also be noted and then used on 'Dr. Bone' at home for bone charms which is a currency that can be used at his shop to buy items & equipment

✔️ Levelling up your prestige can be explained in the bank at home by the Prestige Noble
✔️ Getting XP for prestige gives you prestige points which can be exchanged at the prestige store for rewards that are some of the best items available

.::AFK Island::.
✔️ A smart approach to maximizing gains for your wealth and XP is to leave your account AFK at this zone to collect resources
✔️ Gaining resources at AFK Island consists of chopping down Socotra trees, fishing raw stargazers, mining galactic ore, and smithing galactic bars
✔️ The resources here are in high demand as players require these resources from you, you require these resources from them, and everyone requires these resources provided by the island
✔️ Trading resources obtained at AFK Island to the 'Resource Manager' gives you AFK points unlocking important content within the game.
✔️ Special world-wide events and particular rewards from the AFK Exchange shop provide bill tickets when skilling at the island
✔️ AFK Reward store provides certain kits which are essential to train skills such as herblore, crafting, and the old runecrafting skill
✔️ The AFK Reward store also offers other types of items that can be bought that give more resources and more XP amounts
✔️ You can even purchase 'The Craftsman's Scroll' which is an addition to the crafting skill itself and this scroll teaches you how to make certain rings and amulets which can be beneficial when PvMing

✔️ For the basics of crafting you must buy a 'Crafting Chest' from the AFK Reward store
✔️ At level 75 crafting, you may purchase 'The Craftsman's Scroll' which teaches you to make strong amulets and rings

✔️ Woodcutting consists of the normal trees available up to magic and also the all-new Socotra tree
✔️ The Socotra tree's at AFK island or the wilderness resource centre provides Socotra branches which can be exchanged for AFK points
✔️ AFK points can be exchanged at the AFK Reward store for items like the lumberjack outfit, the golden hatchet, or the inferno adze which provides bonuses such as XP or more resources
✔️ Other rewards including one of the best rewards are obtainable from woodcutting via Achievements such as dragon hatchets, inferno axes, and the Excessive Tree Aura

✔️ Fishing is one of the three skills that can get you points at AFK Island, is of importance because like the other 3 skills it provides AFK points to be used at the AFK Reward store
✔️ Stargazers, being the go-to fish in Manic, heal the most out of all the fish, can be stacked, taste great, and are in high for players to buy and sell
✔️ Rewards for the fishing skill include a super rare pet Heron, golden harpoons bought via AFK points, infernal harpoons and dragon harpoons from achievements

✔️ Firemaking is useful because with the new Socotra logs you can make Socotra fires that are used for cooking raw stargazer
✔️ When a fire goes out, spirit ash is left on the ground and can be exchanged for rewards with the 'Firemaking Spirit' east of ::afkisland
✔️ Rewards offered by the spirit are the pet phoenix and an inferno adze upgrade

✔️ The cooking skill allows you to cook raw fish
✔️ There is an achievement where you can obtain the Golden Chef hat which increases cooking XP and more amounts of cooked food

✔️ One of the greatest rewards available from mining are Galactic Ore
✔️ This ore can be exchanged with the 'Resource Manager' at AFK Island providing you with AFK points
✔️ Some rewards available for miners at the AFK Store include items such as: the prospector gear, the golden pickaxe, the inferno adze
✔️ Achievements related to mining offer big win rewards where you will be able to get wealth very quickly but require lots of hard work
✔️ The mountains at ::home have special rocks and when mined, will yield neutral essence which is required to make the new runes on Manic needed for the new Magic Spells

✔️ Galactic bars make smithing essential because they are needed for creating the all-new bolts and arrows available within Manic
✔️ These bars are also required to make special amulets, rings, and other forms of equipment that can pack a punch for your equipment loadout
✔️ One of the most powerful amulets in-game is the interstellar necklace which will make enemies who face you in combat have no chance against you
✔️ Smithing Achievements like Mining also offers rewards that can maximize resource output resulting in wealth obtained quickly

✔️ Normal runes on Manic provide a different use than most RSPS Servers
✔️ They are instead used for the Rune-Point System where you can sacrifice runes to give the entire server perks
✔️ These perks when activated consist of temporarily offering more XP from skilling, bill tickets obtainable via skilling at AFK Island, more resources yielded, and more rune count obtainable from the New Runecrafting skill
✔️ When the required amount of points from contributing runes to tune Rune-Point System is met, a lobby opens giving a chance to 5 players who can unlock the Minigame coming after the server perks are activated
✔️ This minigame offers content where you can unlock the most powerful Auras within Manic
✔️ The new runecrafting system requires a special talisman from the AFK Reward store where you can unlock the ability to craft dark and light runes
✔️ Dark and light runes are essential for using the new magic skill which can be unlocked by completing the quest 'The Magician Within'

✔️ Manic offers two types of Agility courses for levelling up and getting agility tickets
✔️ The first one being the basic Gnome Agility Course offers standard XP Rates and Ticket amounts
✔️ The other one being the Wilderness Agility Course, unclocked via the wilderness shop, yields more XP & more Tickets
✔️ The best reward from agility is the 'Tetsu Agility Unlock' and should be strived for because it offers a F2P method at obtaining one of the strongest donator zones available in-game with bosses that drop items of great power

✔️ For the basics of herblore, you must buy a 'Herblore Chest' from the AFK Reward store
✔️ The supplies provided inside this chest give you the ability to level up your herblore
✔️ A majority of bosses provide all new seeds which can be used to create new potions with new abilities

✔️ For the farming skill, you teleport to it's designated skilling area
✔️ the NPC there provides you with the essentials for levelling up the skill
✔️ the new seeds on Manic can be used on farming patches to make new herbs required to create the new potions
✔️ With the normal seeds that can be obtained on Manic to make normal potions we have taken it to the next level and introduced all-new powerful seeds that all have different abilities

✔️ Fletching is a skill that requires patience but lets you reap great rewards
✔️ Powerful arrows and bolts that output some serious damage can be obtained from fletching
✔️ If you want to take it to the next level, check out the stardust shop and buy the 'Galaxy Diffuser Scroll' to learn how to imbue meteorite ammunition


Thanks for reading the update thread.
Login to experience the true meaning of Manic for more details.

Click Here to Begin Playing

With Regards,
The Manic Team ❤️

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Okay, now we need to promote the server, are there going to be rollbacks? Or this is final? 

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